One Month Lingo

Where do you live?


In this lesson, we return to our conversation between Lieutenant Gomez, Sargent Bob Miller, and Bob's wife Gloria.


  1. Ask and respond to questions about someone's place of employment.
  2. Ask and respond to questions like "Where do you live?", "Do you have children?"
  3. Excuse yourself, saying that you have to leave.
  4. Use typical parting expressions such as "see you later" and "good-bye."

Study Dialogue:

Teniente Gómez:
tienen (tener) you (plural) have (to have)
ustedes you (plural, formal)
el hijo the child
Señora de Miller:
niño boy
niña girl
Teniente Gómez:
trabaja (trabajar) work (to work)
Sargento Miller:
Teniente Gómez:
dónde where
Sargento Miller:
Teniente Gómez:
lo it (subject)
siento (sentar) I feel (to feel)
lo siento I'm sorry (lit: I feel it)
amigos (amigo) friends (friend)
tengo (tener) I have (to have)
tengo que irme I have to go
hasta until
vista view, sight
hasta la vista see ya!
Sargento Miller:
luego later
Señora de Miller:
adíos goodbye

Learn It:

Hear It:


How do you say each of the following:

  • Where do you (plural) live?
  • We have three children.
  • I have to leave.